Tailored services and expertise

Since its inception, G&C has evolved from a small team into a group of Three companies covering numerous asset classes. Each company is managed by industry professionals, and led by the Managing Partners.


A ‘Seed and Lead’ Approach

We identify opportunities and invest our capital based on medium to long term objectives. Through co-investments, we take a ‘seed and lead’-type approach, investing our own capital first.

G&C is committed to improving investment performance.


Capital Raising

As an independent Investment advisory house, we can provide financing solutions to corporates, by tapping into an exclusive network of both private and institutional investors.


Our position in the heart of an exclusive investment community provides vast experience in direct investment opportunities, as well as interesting and challenging advisory projects.


With our extensive knowledge of financial products, derivative instruments, Sharia financing or otherwise, securitised or collateralised debt and equity structures, we’re confident in always being able to find an answer to every challenge.

We have a strong track record of raising funds for our clients such as high net worth individuals, sophisticated investors, family offices, private investors. De-risking is a critical element of our value-add proposition whether it’s a corporate finance solution or an investment proposition. Investment opportunities offered by us and the strategic advice is carried out through careful quantitative and qualitative due-diligence by our specialist analysts.

Some of our Corporate Finance services include:

Fund Raising

Data Structuring

Mergers and Acquisitions

Financial Restructuring

Private Equity Placements

Market Listings/IPOs

Corporate Valuations

Company Formation

G&C consistently delivers innovative growth ideas.

S T R A T E G Y ,   C O N S U L T I N G ,   R E S E A R C H   A N D   P R O J E C T   I M P L E M E N T A T I O N

Unlike conventional Investment Banks, G&C offers best-in-class Management Consulting and Project Implementation Services to compliment our Corporate Finance and Investment Management functions.

Having in-house management consulting expertise and capabilities we’re able to deliver turnkey solutions from origination, structuring to exit for complex direct investment propositions like real-estate / property development projects and early stage private-equity deals to help build businesses, improve performance or drive turnarounds.

Our business analysts and consultants can also help with analysis, research assignments and preparation of business plans and financial modeling.

From Strategy Development and Business Advice to Implementation and Execution, we have the resources to tackle projects across a multitude of industries and functional disciplines.

Whether your organisation is looking for independent advice, a feasibility study on a particular subject matter or a complete turnkey implementation, G&C can provide you with pragmatic solutions and all the professional expertise and resources necessary on par with big global brands.

Our ‘Out Of The Box’ strategy approach supports organisations that want to transform their current capabilities.

Turnkey Investment Management

Operational Research & Analysis Reporting

Management Consulting Services

Strategy & Project Implementation

G&C is committed to improving investment performance.


At  G&C  we  typically  raise  funds  from  investors  such  as  family  offices,  high  net  worth  individuals  and  financial  institutions.  The  funds  we  raised  are  used  to  capitalise  on  investment opportunities predominantly focused on the real estate sector.

Our strategy focuses on locations in the periphery of London that offer a higher yield than central London and that have been overlooked by other investors. By doing so we uncover the intrinsic values of these areas and deliver very attractive results to clients exceeding expectations.


Traditionally, G&C is founded by leading Investment Banking and Hedge-Fund experts. As such, our team have exemplary experience in constructing and optimising investment portfolios across the entire asset class universe.

We’re able to extend our institutional access, advanced trading and reporting systems to help family-offices, trusts, endowments and high-net-worth individuals fine tune their investment portfolios, maximise returns and efficiency whilst minimising risks.

Asset Allocation – we work to create strategic long-term model portfolios based on:

Market Assumptions

Returns vs Risk

Time Horizon

Liquidity Needs

Risk Tolerance

Current vs Future Income

After Tax Returns


When building portfolios, we like to understand the actual risk exposures for different asset classes. While vehicles and liquidity are ultimately a consideration, the most important part of the analysis is understanding how an investment is expected to behave. For this, we make use of sophisticated modeling systems and market stress testing tools. Once the strategic model portfolios are developed, we tactically make rebalancing and over/under weight recommendations based on our nearer term outlook for markets. We will also look to capitalise on or defend against thematic trends in the market for potential high-yielding returns or capital preservation opportunities. For example, we might recommend an investment in real assets to take advantage of a potential future inflationary environment while also allocating to Treasuries to defend against deflation.

G&C has all the capabilities to deliver development projects from cradle to grave.


Developments & Co-Investments

We constantly seek value-adding partners to carry out projects with together. At G&C we recognise that choosing the right team is the key to a successful investment.

Regional Office & Industrials Investments

At G&C we specialise in high yield real estate investments.


At G&C, we offer a complete end to end solution, providing expertise across all phases of the development. Our in-house team includes architects, financiers, town planners, surveyors, business development, lawyers, marketing and technical professionals who can be trusted to make the most of every opportunity. Where needed we partner with reputable consultants, funders and developers who share our ambition and commitment to deliver market-leading buildings. We are currently delivering some of the most ambitious and innovative developments in outer London. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the analysis, design and execution of every project.

Our industry-leading real estate specialists are experienced in all major property sectors and based in the key markets where our clients want to invest. Being based at the heart of a global property hot-spot (Central London in UK), G&C has strengthened its team of property investment experts to capitalise on the growing appetite of our clients and investor-base for real-estate assets. After successfully completing real-estate deals in UK, we’re now constantly and actively engaged in various value-adding transactions and property development projects across several international regions including Turkey, Central Asia and Middle-East.

We have developed a particular knack in being able to identify and materialise high-yielding opportunities through game-changing and creative redevelopment projects, overlooked or undervalued geographical locations and distressed-assets.

Within the real estate sector, we generally focus on the following:

Property & Investment Management

Segregated Client Portfiolios

Development Projects

Residential & Commercial

Office & Industrials

Student Housing

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